How Arrucus Media Help You in Political Campaign

Arrucus Media has a great team of election strategists, campaign managers, social media team and influencers helping politicians and political parties in managing election and political campaigns. We are a team of qualified media professionals, video production, strategists, analysts, election experts, voter behaviour experts, creative designers and mobile technology experts offering a wide range of services to manage your political campaign

Our digital marketing and social media campaign management solutions aim to empower political parties and candidates and bring them closer to potential voters. Our expertise lies in providing web and mobile based political marketing services that include digital marketing, social media marketing, social profiles management, online networking, online presence management, and digital campaign management.

We are a full-service political digital marketing agency that is passionately dedicated to empower political clients with quirky, smart, and effective digital marketing and social media campaigns to augment their overall online branding and help them in electoral campaigns.

Get customized plans for upcoming Bihar elections.

  • Mobile Marketing Solution for Bihar Elections.
  • Reach voter and engage with video, audio, text and other mobile marketing solutions for elections.
  • Customized solution to connect with voters through bulk sms, bulk voice calls, call center setup for coming assembly elections in Bihar.
  • Bulk SMS for elections Dynamic.
  • Interactive Voice Calls for elections.
  • Bulk Voice Calls for elections.
  • Bulk Whatsapp marketing for elections.
  • IVRS for elections.
  • Call Center setup for elections.
  • Auto reply WhatsAPP solutions.
  • Vote appeal Videos etc.
  • Live broadcasting & Media Coverage.

Our Services

Strategy & Planning

Influencing voters and putting the focus of masses towards you with well-planned digital marketing for political campaigns and data-driven strategies.

Social Media Management

Strategic social media management and marketing to expand your online followers and reach.

Website Development

Creating a strategic web presence to highlight all your achievements and development work in one place.

Online Advertisement

Promote political parties and candidates through various online channels to enhance reach and generate better support.

Whatsapp Marketing

Leveraging WhatsApp for political campaigns to reach virtually everyone in the constituency.

Mobile Advertisements

The best mobile marketing and in-app mobile advertising to help your political campaign reach the audience of smartphone users.

Online Events & Brodcasting

Planning and executing various online events, such as webinars, live rallies and much more.

Online Press Releases

Creating effective Press Release distribution to create buzz, increase online visibility.

Documentary Services

Our team is able to deliver you documentary videos on leader's achievement, positive & negative campaigning, issues pertaining to local constituency, party vision and manifesto etc.

If you have any query for election and political campaign, please contact us on (M)+91 74392 68875/7004828577 or email us at

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